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Who is Harvest HCM?
Harvest HCM is a HCM software company based out of Omaha, Nebraska that has been in business since 1996.  Our Compensation Management System, (optionally coupled with our Performance Management offering), has been our main focus for over a decade.

What types of organizations do you work with?
We have national and global clients ranging from a few hundred employees to 60,000 employees worldwide.  Typically our clients are looking for an updated, easy to use, web based solution to assist them with their compensation planning, and/or their performance planning. We also work with more decentralized organizations, global organizations, or organizations in any industry who are trying to allocate multiple pay programs (merit, salary, bonus, stock, equity, incentive programs, etc).

What kinds of compensation programs does your system support?
Our system is incredibly versatile and able to manage Merit, Bonus, Stock, Equity, Short/Long Term Incentives, Promotion, Market Pricing and many others.  Chances are we can handle any pay program you need.  If you aren’t sure, just ask us on our Contact Us Page.

Will the system integrate with our existing HR software (performance management, HRIS, Payroll)?
Yes, all our customers integrate with their HRIS and Payroll tools. Therefore, we have experience with all the major HRIS and Payroll tools.  In addition, we also integrate with other third party tools such as performance management software.

How flexible is your system in terms of customization?
Very!  We can offer varying levels of customization so that the solution each client ends up with fits their exact compensation planning needs. Our solutions are in-house and can be created to the exact specifications desired by our clients.  Everything from the type of pay programs accommodated, to the organization of data, down to the look and feel of the user interface.  All of this while knowing our clients’ wants and needs.

Can your system handle organizations that operate in multiple regions/currencies?
Absolutely, we have implemented the system world-wide.  It can handle multiple currencies with automatic conversion based on conversion rates of the clients choice.  The user can administer changes to employee compensation in that employee’s currency and the system will convert and update the compensation pool accordingly.

Can your system handle hard/soft guidelines?
Our system will allow you to set whichever hard or soft guidelines you need.

Is your system secure?
Yes. We understand that system security, especially in regards to sensitive data like salary information, is of the utmost importance to our clients. The servers which we use to host our client’s data are housed in world-class facilities located in the US.  Our databases are encrypted in order to meet the highest security standards. Access to our systems are limited to those who have the proper login credentials, and access to different parts of the system can be determined based on what level of access each specific user has.

Does your system allow planning with real-time reporting?
Yes. Users can plan out salaries and merit increases with instant updating of compensation and merit pools. This lets users know at-a-glance how much they can allocate while still staying within the proper guidelines.  Custom canned reports or ad hoc reports are both available.

Is your system able to create compensation/total rewards statements?
Our system is able to automatically generate compensation and total rewards statements for each individual employee. These statements can also be created so that they include corporate branding and fit all of the necessary formatting specifications according to your organization.

What are the system/technical requirements of your software?
Since we offer a web-based solution, the only requirement to use our system is a compatible web browser, typically Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Does your system handle an approval process?
Our system can include an approval process, making it so that only certain higher-level users (such as those in the HR/comp department who are in charge of compensation) can give the final green light to any proposed changes entered in by managers.  We work with each client to determine the most ideal approval process for them.

Does your system handle proration?
Yes. Our system not only lets you prorate an employee’s compensation, but will automatically make the proper calculations based on how much eligible time they’ve worked within a certain pay period.

Can you track past compensation within the software?
Yes. We realize that being able to track past compensation is vital for many of our clients when planning employee compensation.

Does your system track audit history?
Yes. Our system allows users the ability to track a complete audit history. This lets them know who accessed the system, when they accessed the system, and what changes they made to the system. We also have the ability for proxy users and this audit trail is also tracked.

How do you handle customer service?
We understand that the success of our clients is tied to our own success. That’s why you’ll have a dedicated account representative who will be able to focus on your organization and help you get the most out of our system.  You will have direct access by phone and email so you will always talk with a person.  Our goal is to provide you not only with a versatile and robust compensation management system, but with dedicated and personalized support to allow you to utilize it to the fullest.  If and when you decide to talk to our current clients, they will tell you that our customer service is what sets us apart.  Here are just a couple of examples.

What is your pricing structure?
Our pricing structure is variable and depends on a few different factors. These factors can include the number of employees the system will support, the number and type of different pay programs used in the system, and the frequency with which those programs are utilized.  If you would like a quote specifically for your organization, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to send you more information.

Thank you!  The Harvest HCM team looks forward to hearing from you!